How to prepare for a job that doesn’t exist

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked this as a child, I wouldn’t need to plan my future at all.

I’m certain my response as a 5 year old would have been nothing remotely similar to- “I’m still torn between an SEO Analyst or UX Designer”.

Just a few of the many marketing jobs that did not exist 10 years ago.

In a short space of time, an explosion of digital marketing jobs has been created in response to the technological revolution.

Did you know that around 65% of the jobs that today’s learners will be doing in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet? How do we prepare for a future role that might not currently exist?

  1. Master Flexibility

The digital marketers of tomorrow will require an agile mindset and an ability to adapt to switching consumer dynamics. Self-learning is increasingly important in this rapidly evolving ecosystem.

Self-learning techniques to increase flexibility.

2. Gain Experience

I recently read a book that highlights that the more job roles a person has had, the greater experience and perspectives they bring. In a digital marketing future, it will be the breadth and depth of skills, and how transferable those skills are, that’s important.

3. Fill the relevant gaps

We’ve all got knowledge gaps. This isn’t always a bad thing. I’ll probably never need to fill my knowledge gap when it comes to physics. But if you’re an aspiring digital marketer who’s not quite sure how to turn a computer on, it’s probably best to work on that.

Click here to see ’21 jobs of the future in marketing’ proposed by Cognizant.

Can you see yourself filling any of these roles?

8 thoughts on “How to prepare for a job that doesn’t exist

  1. georgieebeling

    Great post, I found this really interesting to read and could relate to it a lot! You’re exactly right about all of these new jobs that exist now and didnt exist a few years ago, I bet after COVID19 there will be even more new jobs that didn’t exist before and will be available due to individuals making processes contactless!

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  2. bejohnsonn

    Thank you! I agree, it can be pretty hard to decide what you want to do when there’s new jobs constantly. Thats why I love the idea of being flexible enough to try out different roles throughout life, there’s so many options why limit yourself to just one!


  3. bharamatmar

    Awesome post!
    I especially was intrigued by the “Mastering Flexibility” section. From what I’ve researched, Marketers in general (not just digital marketers) often require a wide variety of skills, so what you wrote on this is spot on!

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    • bejohnsonn

      Thank you! I completely agree than flexibility is important in all walks of life no matter what the career path is that you choose. We live in a great time where we have the opportunity to work in a variety of industries and roles and the only thing standing in our way is our ability to adapt to these roles.


  4. kirstyryan

    Nice post Beth! I would definitely want to increase my transferable skills when I enter the workforce. Personal growth and learning is so important in order to achieve the careers goals you want to achieve. I think they ability to stay flexible and adapt to technological changes is what will seperate individuals on the basis of employability. Those who can’t accept change will easily be left behind!

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    • bejohnsonn

      Thanks so much! I definitely agree we must adapt alongside technology to be able to keep up and land the job we want. Employers aren’t looking fr people who tick every single box and can do everything, but they do want people who are willing to give things a go and adapt their skills to the environment.


    • bejohnsonn

      Hey Ragina! Thanks for the reply. I found it really interesting too and just had to share it. I can definitely see how most of those roles will become the norm for future digital marketers.


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