Hi! I’m Beth, a current social media marketer from the UK.

Specialising in digital marketing, strategy development and content creation. My industry experience is vast, spanning from financial services to domestic services, not-for-profit, cosmetics and beyond.

Published articles

The farms of tomorrow — 4 trends that are shaping the future of farming

The rate of change in the agriculture industry is unstoppable, fuelled by technological innovations while challenged by environmental uncertainty. Will the future of farming be a blend of old and new; innovation and tradition working hand-in-hand? Or will the farms of tomorrow be unrecognisable, with no resemblance to the rolling green hills we know today?…

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AdBlue shortage highlights the need to protect Australia’s supply chain

Supply-chain challenges continue to plague Australia, most recently the global scarcity of AdBlue caused by a shortage of the chemical compound urea. It threatened Australia’s entire transport and logistics system. But why did this cause so much damage to the transport industry? And what is the solution?…

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Boat owners: Check out our safety tips so you don’t anchor any additional costs

Boat life gives owners a unique sense of freedom, relaxation and bliss. Being at one with nature presents calming characteristics, but as Australians we know that Mother Nature isn’t always in high spirits. There are various hazards that, if you don’t take steps to avoid, you can find yourself in some real sticky (and wet) situations. It’s a-boat time you familiarised yourself with some important safety tips…

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Increase your disaster resilience with parametric insurance

Parametric insurance is emerging as a potential game-changer, gaining relevance in the wake of Covid-19 and other climate-related events. As our world continues to be revolutionised by tech, the growing possibilities for parametric insurance are countless. Once limited to weather-related disasters, policies are now making great strides into cyber-terrorism, political unrest, pandemic, warfare, global economic downturn and much more…

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The game of drones: everything you should know to prepare for lift-off

The game of drones is gaining momentum globally, changing the landscape (well, airscape) for both commercial and recreational users. The endless possibilities of drone use, from delivery services to aerial videography and even sheep herding are showing that the sky really is the limit.  But it’s not all fun and games — cases of damage and injury are still present, no matter how careful you are as a pilot…

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Case study: Businessary rebranding

Your company’s brand is its very own distinctive fingerprint, teaching the outside world how to identify and differentiate your products or services from others. A combination of your logo, symbols, words, design and colour scheme can be utilised to create your individual brand identity, with the freedom to craft a representation of who you are through a variety of elements. As a seven year old company, Businessary has recently decided to refresh the brand…

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