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Business Insurance

Maple Managed Risk AIMS (Assess, Identify, Market, Secure and Service) high when placing your cover
Increase your disaster resilience with parametric insurance
Don’t let your subcontractors fall through the cracks
Managing your transport risk across the Chain of Responsibility
What to know about D&O: Directors Liability Insurance
How to sidestep the unnecessary trouble of being underinsured
Crop insurance: for when you’re thrown a curveball
Big data can mean big benefits for your small business
Business insurance 101: What cover do you need?
Your guide to professional liability insurance
Public liability insurance: Don’t break the bank by trying to save a few pennies
Hospitality insurance: Because you’ve got enough on your plate already
Harvest your time in farm safety checks and you’ll reap what you sow
Farmers: You might need more than a scarecrow to protect your farm this harvest
Tradies: Safety suggestions to keep your tools on your side
Tradies: don’t fall victim to the underinsurance trap
Tradies: Protect your business with tool insurance
Not-for-profit insurance case study
Is COVID-19 cybercrime threatening your business?
Is COVID-19 threatening your business?
Business insurance basics | Managed Insurance Solutions
Do you know your WorkSafe requirements around COVID-19?
Business insurance checklist to prepare for your renewal

Personal Insurance

Ready? Sentimental? Which disaster preparation type are you?
The game of drones: everything you should know to prepare for lift-off
Charge up your knowledge of electric vehicles (EVs)
Do your homework when it comes to your property’s unoccupancy clause
Renters: protect your possessions with tenant’s insurance
Searching for a new vehicle? Take the high road and switch to an electric vehicle
Boat owners: Check out our safety tips so you don’t anchor any additional costs
COVID-19 shutdown: Check your unoccupancy clauses
Protect your possessions with contents insurance
The unique challenges of houseboat insurance
Insurance case study: How non-disclosure can be disastrous
Getting ahead of the flames: how you can prepare for bushfire season

Cyber Security

Cyber risks for small businesses: Don’t underestimate the value of your information
Cyber risk increase in the wake of COVID-19
Cyber risk: protecting your company and preventing increasing attacks
Cybersecurity during COVID-19 continues to threaten businesses

Business Innovation

Expanding your hospitality business with outdoor dining? Here’s some food for thought
To till or not to till? The pros and cons of no-till farming
Case study – Businessary rebranding
Business innovation – please call before you ‘pivot’